thomas business center

Company: Thomas Business Center

Project: Rebranding

Role: Graphic Designer


Thomas Business Center was founded in 1930 by CF and Wilma Thomas and is a 3rd generation Office Supply and Furniture company. While serving Easter Central Indiana for 80+ years, The Thomas Business Center offers the highest quality and most cost-efficient office supplies and furniture. Owners, Kent and Janis Thomas, provide a one-stop facility for all office supplies and furniture needs. With that in mind, I created an identity system to bring Thomas Business Center into the modern time, while showing some of what this business has to offer.

Identity System

Identity System

Window Decal Mockup

Window Decal Mockup


The identity design for the Thomas Business Center is full of representation. The two paper clips are unfolded in just the right way to form the shape of the Thomas Business Center building. The building that contains all of what the company has to offer. The two paper clips also represent Kent and Janis, who work together to as husband and wife and owners of the business. The blue used in the identity design is used to represent the White River, which is located directly next to the Thomas Business Center.

The lock-up for the Thomas Business Center can be applied to various different elements of promotional material. Shown is an option for a business card. Different lock-ups can be applied to accommodate other promotional material such as mugs, pens, notebooks, window decals, and t-shirts.

Logo Motion Graphic

This motion graphic was created to show the creation of the logo mark. The two paperclips come together to form the shape of the Thomas Business Center building.