john mcnaughton

Company: John McNaughton

Project: Art Show Catalogue

Role: Graphic Designer & Production Manager

Honors: Ball State University, School of Art Faculty Show Entry Accepted



Local sculptor, John McNaughton, was recently featured in the Atrium Gallery at Ball State University. After growing up just a few roads over from the university, John graduated, married, and moved to Indianapolis where he currently lives with his wife of 53 years. A few weeks before the gallery opening for John’s show, Studio 165 Plus, a team of student-lead designers, was contacted about creating the show catalog. Seven designers from the Studio 165 Plus team were placed on the project to aid in the concept design, graphic design, photography, production, and printing of the catalog.



The design of this piece was focused on showcasing the sculptures and paintings of John McNaughton’s collection. By utilizing a minimalistic layout, the design would enhance the intricate craftsmanship of each piece of work rather than compete. The goal of the catalogue was to not overpower the sculptures and paintings with design elements and colors.

As you will see on the credits page, this catalog from start to finish was completed within the Ball State University School of Art. From Photography to concept and design to Production, the students and faculty within the School of Art and Studio 165 Plus worked toward the completion of the John McNaughton ‘Speaking Out’ show catalog.