Peace Pole

Company: BSU Center for Peace and Conflict Studies

Project: Interactive Exhibition Design

Role: Graphic Designer



The Center for Peace and Conflict Studies advocates nonviolent philosophies for resolving conflicts. They are a place for Ball State University Students to turn regarding the peaceful resolution, reduction, and prevention of conflict.

The Peace Pole project was created to join a community of students together to show their interpretation of peace. They were given a marker and a circle and asked to draw what peace meant to them. They were then instructed to attach their circle to the peace pole in order to show all participants working together to build peace. Participants were also invited to color in the graphics on the peace pole.



Flyers were placed around campus two weeks prior to the event taking place. The Visual Communication students who design, constructed, and hosted the event stood at various places across campus handing out flyers the week of the event. They were also in charge of helping during the event to ensure it ran smoothly.

The Visual Communication students had two weeks to develop concepts, create designs, and produce the final pieces for the Peace Pole event. They devoted class time and stayed late int he evenings to ensure the project was completed on time.